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Paul Eisen

Friday, 31 July 2015

Following on from "How mean can you be..."

Following on from "How mean can you be..."

"We never know when they've had enough'

This, as reported in the Jewish Chronicle, is a wonderful example of something that will drive all decent (in this case, non-Jewish) people mad. 

It's a great example of how we Jews never know when to stop.  It's that Jewish addiction to being clever - so clever we never look into the eyes of the other to see when they've had enough.  

Concern over ‘one-sided’ school books on Palestinians

By Charlotte Oliver, July 30, 2015
Concern has been raised over a new educational resource promoted by the National Union of Teachers, which aims to “illustrate the daily struggles experienced by Palestinian children as they try to gain an education”.
The five-part series, named “Beyond the Wall” was developed by the NUT alongside educational charity Edukid, and provides books and films profiling Palestinian children to schools in the UK.
The schools which sign up to the programme are also offered “vetted links with Palestine schools and teachers” and “supervised visits to the schools they are helping in Palestine”.
Introducing the resource, NUT General Secretary Christine Blower said it had been “inspired by a Union delegation visit to Palestine in 2013, where members experienced the dignity and resilience of Palestinian teachers and young people”.
She added: “Our hope is that by linking classes together in the UK and Palestine, relationships can be built and as a result understanding will grow, stereotypes will be challenges, cultures celebrated and commonalities found.
“I hope that this resource will be welcomed and widely used in schools across the country.”
But news of the programme’s launch has worried Jewish parents, as well as the Board of Deputies, who said that “the literature presents a one-sided and partisan view in contravention of legislation, which encourages political education in schools, but is required to be balanced”.
According to the Education Act, schools have a “duty to secure balanced treatment of political issues”.
A Board spokesperson said: “We have raised the issue at a senior level with the Department for Education, who share our concerns and are raising it with the parties involved.
“We have also requested a meeting with the NUT to discuss the issues raised.”
He explained that the Board was also appealing to Jewish members of SACRE (Standing Advisory Councils on Religious Education) on local councils, asking them to report whether the schools in their area had received the resource. The same, he said, should be done by parents and teachers.
A Department for Education spokesperson said: “The law is crystal clear all political discussions in school should be unbiased and balanced. Teachers should only use teaching materials which are suitable for their children and we trust them to decide which resources to use in their lessons.”

Forgotten British Heroes Campaign

The text of the letter from the Forgotten British Heroes Campaign to the Israel ambassador in London, Daniel Taub.

This will be delivered to the Israel Embassy on Saturday 1st August, the day on which the Campaign will hold a wreath-laying and then a meeting at the site of a notorious Zionist terrorist bombing near to Trafalgar Square (the former British Colonies Club).

The event will commemorate various murders, bombings and other atrocities perpetrated by Zionist terrorists both in Britain and Palestine against British soldiers, Crown servants and civilians and against the indigenous Arab population of Palestine.

Forgotten British Heroes Campaign
PO Box 301, Carshalton, Surrey SM5 4QW
Tel: 07932 049019
Saturday 1st August 2015

His Excellency Daniel Taub,
The Israel Ambassador,
Israel Embassy,
2 Palace Green,
London W8 4QB.

Your Excellency:

Our organisation has been formed to preserve the memory of British servicemen and civilians whose sacrifices for their country have been airbrushed from history by venal Westminster politicians of all the major parties at the behest of powerful alien pressure groups and donors.

Today is close to the anniversaries of two dreadful events in Palestine: the murder of two 20-year-old British Army sergeants: Mervyn Paice and Clifford Martin on Wednesday 30th July 1947 and the bombing of the King David Hotel, Jerusalem, on Tuesday 22nd July 1946. In respect of these and other atrocities we have a number of requests to make of the government and people of Israel, and of the Israel-supporting Jewish community in Britain.

As to the murders of Sgts Paice and Martin: These young soldiers were kidnapped on 20th June 1947 by the Irgun Zwei Leumi, a Zionist terrorist group led by Menachem Begin. Begin threatened to hang them if the UN-authorised British Mandate authority in Palestine carried out the execution of three Irgun terrorists who had been lawfully tried, convicted and sentenced to death on 16th June 1947 for their part in a murderous attack on the Fortress of Acre on 4th May 1947 to assist the escape of other Irgun terrorists who were held there.

When the three Irgun terrorists were hanged according to law, Begin personally assisted with the hanging of Sgts Paice and Martin, who had been held for many days in tiny dark underground cells. Their bodies were found, suspended by the neck with piano wire, in a eucalyptus grove at Netanya. The area around them had been booby-trapped so that those tasked with cutting them down might also be murdered. A photograph of the hanging sergeants was published on the front page of the Daily Express on Friday 1st August 1947. Shortly after, the original negative of that photograph disappeared from that newspaper’s archives and now only copies of copies survive.

The British government of the time issued a warrant for the arrest of Begin for this and multiple other terrorist acts and offered a reward of £10,000 for his capture — the equivalent of circa £300,000 today — an indication of the heinous nature of his crimes. That warrant was never rescinded. An attempt to activate the warrant was made by former Palestine Police sergeant, the late James Sawyer, on Monday 5th December 1977, by means of an application to Bristol Magistrates Court — Bristol being the home town of Sgt Mervyn Paice.

This application was made on the occasion of the visit to Britain of the terrorist Begin who the people of Israel had elected to be their Prime Minister. The magistrate, Alwyn Webber Thomas, refused Mr Sawyer’s application and refused to give any reason for so doing, which was unlawful. Mr. Sawyer immediately resorted to the High Court in London to secure an Order of Mandamus to compel the magistrate to set out his reasons. His application was frustrated by a sequence of contrived procedural obstacles until Begin had departed from this country the next day.

As to the bombing of the King David Hotel: This terrorist atrocity was perpetrated by the Irgun on the orders of Begin on 22nd July 1946. Huge quantities of explosives were smuggled into the basement of the hotel, part of which was occupied by British Mandate Authority officials. The massive explosion demolished most of the building killing 100 military and civilian personnel.

Many other lethal terrorist acts were perpetrated by the Irgun and by allied Zionist terrorist groups such as the Lehi, otherwise known as the Stern Gang, led by Yitzhak Shamir, who, like his
associate Begin, was in due course elected by the people of Israel to be their prime minister.

Here in London we are especially mindful of three such terrorist acts committed by the Stern Gang on British soil: the bombing of the British Colonial Club just off Trafalgar Square in March 1947; the attempted bombing of the Colonial Office in Whitehall in April 1947; and the letter bomb which killed Rex Farran, brother of SAS anti-terrorism specialist Captain Roy Farran DSO, MC at the Farran family home in May 1948. The parcel, was addressed simply to “R. Farran”.

We were therefore appalled by the speech by Home Secretary Theresa May during a ceremony on 22nd April this year at Finchley United Synagogue to mark the 67th anniversary of the State of Israel. Mrs May insulted the memory of British servicemen by assuring her audience: “… we remember the sacrifice of those who fought to achieve and protect that independence”. Mrs May chose to honour the Stern Gang assassins who gunned down British Minister Lord Moyne and his driver Lance-Corporal Arthur Fuller. Your government also honoured these gunmen, who had been justly executed for their crimes but reburied with full military honours more than thirty years later. Patriotic British people dissociate themselves from Mrs May’s homage to Zionist terrorists.

In mentioning these atrocities against British personnel, we also bear in mind the vast number of genocidal war crimes against Palestinians, such as at Deir Yassin on 10th April 1948, where more than 250 people, mainly women and children, were rounded up and shot. Such exterminations were perpetrated to terrorise Palestinians to flee their homeland in order to allow cynical Zionist propagandists to claim: “Israel is a land without people for a people without land”. We note with horror that this genocide has continued until the present time, as seen in Gaza last year. In the interests of peace in the Middle East, we request that you urge your government to cease such genocidal activity and secure a just settlement with the greatly oppressed Palestinian people.

The overwhelmingly pro-Israel Jewish communities throughout the world, through bodies such as the Board of Deputies of British Jews, have co-ordinated themselves in a campaign against acts of terrorism against them conducted mainly by Muslims. But this campaign is designed to criminalise any criticism of Israel and Jewry by anybody. We assert that Jewry is not above criticism.

We therefore request you to urge on your government and on Jewish communal bodies such as the Board of Deputies of British Jews and the Jewish Leadership Council:
1) to make a public statement of regret recognising that Zionist groups such as the Irgun and the Stern Gang were the creators of terrorist methods which were subsequently copied by extremists of all kinds throughout the world; and to make grants of financial compensation to the families of British service personnel who were murdered by Zionist terrorists in Palestine prior to May 1948; 
2) to pay appropriate compensation and pensions to surviving British servicemen who in most cases fought in the Second World War (now taught to European schoolchildren as having been fought to defend Jewry) only to find themselves under attack in Palestine; 
3) to erect a memorial at the King David Hotel to honour the victims of the Zionist bomb attack; 
4) to establish a ‘Victims of Zionism’ museum in Israel to honour the many British and Palestinian victims of the process which created that state; and to ensure that all Israeli educational institutions make awareness of Zionist war crimes a mandatory part of the school curriculum; and, 
5) for Jewish communities everywhere — including in Britain — to cease the relentless insidious campaign to load the British people with a false burden of guilt with the suggestion that they, their parents and their grandparents did not do enough to aid Jewry during the last century; and, instead, to acknowledge that Jewry owes Britain an unrepayable debt of gratitude. 
Yours respectfully,
Martin Webster · Richard Edmonds · Lady Michèle Renouf · Jeremy Turner · Peter Rushton
Forgotten British Heroes Campaign

Thursday, 9 July 2015

How mean can you be?...

This is from The White Resister. I found it on Facebook and I've included below the article an accompanying FB comment.

The tombstone marking the grave of Adolf Hitler's parents was removed from an Austrian cemetery to obstruct patriot commemorations of the most famous German leader.
The owner of the grave in Leonding - an unidentified woman that Austrian media said appeared to be a distant relative of Hitler's father, Alois - "asked to have" the stone removed, the town's mayor, Walter Brunner, said. "The site was not constantly being visited but things happened now and then, the last time late last autumn," he said, referring to "various actions by die-hards".
An Austrian newspaper said someone had decorated the grave site at that time with nationalsocialist symbols. A similar happened on the 120th anniversary of the Führer's birth in 2009.
The Oberoesterreichische Nachrichten said German patriots had held vigils at the grave of customs official Alois Hitler, who died in 1903, and his third wife, Klara, Adolf Hitler's mother, who died four years later.
Representatives of the Upper Austrian town of 27,500 "discussed" the matter with church and security officials and concluded "the grave marker should go", Brunner said.

Walter D. Bialkowski I know about this ~~ and I wrote to the local pastor about it and offered to pay for care of the grave or any 'overdue' rent or maintenance fee. Here is his very unChristian answer ~~

"Grüß Gott Herr Bialkowski!
Die Grabstelle von Klara und Alois Hitler wurden im Auftrag der nutzungsberechtigten Person abgeräumt und aufgelassen."

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Pfarrer Pittertschatscher
"The gravesite of Klara and Alois Hitler were, in accordance with the person most concerned, cleared and abandoned". 

I won't be surprised if they will be disinterred and the remains cremated and scattered ~~ this to a devout Catholic woman such as Klara Hitler was. 70 years after the war, the hatred goes on unabated.

Barry Grossman on BDS

As seen on Facebook...

"Well Fiona, I will say what I always say which is by all means go ahead an boycott, but do so without embracing or promoting BDS. .

Apart from that, I would remind people that whatever the international establishment may say, Palestinians have a legal and moral right to engage in armed resistance and it is armed resistance - rather than well intentioned people complaining that Israel should be a little nicer to Palestinians - which is the only reason why Palestinians were not already entirely vanquished decades ago.

When the establishment narrative keeps screaming that only a negotiated political solution can lead to progress, that should be a signal to genuine supporters of justice and Palestine that it is armed resistance which they fear the most; not because they care about the loss of innocent lives but rather because they know that anything they can do militarily by way of response, will always inevitably to greater problems and ultimately strengthen the cause. .

I am certainly no proponent of armed conflict; but as we all know only too well, power gives up nothing without a fight. While there will always be a time for concessions and negotiations, that time is not now. It is absurd to go into contrived negotiations with an enemy which demands nothing less than full capitulation, by first conceding most of that enemy what seeks form the start; all the more so when this suicidal strategy is carried out from a position of relative weakness.

BDS not only denounces armed resistance and concedes Israels legitimacy within the 67 Green Line, but it also presumes to do so on behalf of Palestinians. That is pure lunacy.

Let us also not forget that Zionists are the masters of disingenuously using boycotts to their political advantage. How can we overlook the fact that while grass root Zionists organized a mass boycott of Nazi Germany in 1933, their leadership negotiated and for years honoured the Transfer Agreement with Nazi Germany while sabotaging their own boycott in order to protect that Agreement. They are perfectly capable of running a similar ruse with BDS which sees them win political advantage on the big issue of legitimacy while managing the short term economic downside which comes from the boycott and divest movement which, in any case, I believe is overstated. What is it about this and the foreign domination of BDS which is not apparent to people? Believe me, it gives me no pleasure to be at odds with what so many self professed Palestine supporters think about this, but how can I take any other view without being part of the problem rather than any part of a solution?"